2Turns out that 2016 was a rough year for celebrities. The rich and famous have a ton of issues and it doesn’t help when they’re plastered all over the front pages of online and print publications.  From ugly break-ups to nasty feuds, past grudges and gossip – turns out our favorite celebrities are no strangers to the ugliest of human emotions. So, let’s take a look at who had it worst in the 5 biggest Hollywood Scandals of 2016.

1. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Domestic Violence Lawsuit

No one was really surprised when Hollywood’s bad boy Johnny Depp was served with a lawsuit from his then-wife Amber Heard, accusing him of throwing stuff at her, hitting and dragging her around their apartment. In the months that followed, the loyal fan base of the actor refused to believe any of it was real, even when was newly-single Ms. Heard produced plenty of evidence, including pictures of her bruised face, blood-splattered walls and recordings of Mr. Depp acting violently. Still, after securing a $7 million payout from their divorce – she was more than happy to drop the domestic violence case against him, which means you can put a price on your self-respect and health.

2. Brad Pitt’s Child Abuse Claims

The only man who had it worse than Johnny Depp in 2016 was fellow Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt, who got served with a nasty surprise of his own. Turns out his marriage to vixen Angelina Jolie was headed towards its inevitable ugly end, but we have to admit that her involving the FBI on claims Pitt abused their children on board of their private plane – was a bit too much. Sure, we get it – Angie outgrew her former flame but there’s a civil way to do these things and, there’s the way of the woman bent on destroying a man for her own gain.

3. Mark Salling and His Jungle Gym Fever

It’s always sad when one of your favorite actors is exposed for something so vile as child pornography but this is exactly what happened to Puck, a former football player on Glee. Many fans were shocked to see the actor get indicted on two counts of child pornography this year by a grand jury. His laptop was seized last year and there were thousands of images and videos on it. He is currently out on a $150,000 bond and we feel bad for the people who have to live next to him.

4. Kanye West’s Breakdown

It’s been a tough year for the Kardashian clan. Between Kim’s robbery in Paris and her husband’s very public breakdown – it’s hard to pick which one was worse but we’ll go with the second. After his increasingly erratic behavior going out of hand and the star walking out on several of his scheduled concerts after long rants, the only logical road for Kanye ended in a psychiatric ward under 24-hour surveillance. Sure, not a good way to go, but considering the last man in the Kardashian world was turned into a woman quite literally – the “artist” should count himself lucky this time.

5. Rob and Black Chyna’s Fake Breakup

Things were stirring on KUWTK as usual but they got a bit out of hand when new parents Rob and Black Chyna broke up and then reconciled about 72 hours later – all on their Instagram accounts. Typically, people are more private about their fights and love life but if there’s one thing that is a constant in the world of reality TV shows – that’s surely drama. Thankfully, little Dream Kardashian’s parents were able to patch things up before her mother was forced to raise her on her own – like her half-brother King Cairo, who is the child Black Chyna shares with Rob’s sister’s Kylie boyfriend Tyga. Yes, crazy and kind of incestuous too…

Plenty of other celebrities didn’t have a year to brag about either but they come nowhere close to these five A-listers. When it comes to drama, scandals and bumping ugly – they truly are in a class of their own. Stay tuned for more articles and videos that reveal the REAL side of Hollywood’s glammed-up life at!