Dennis Rodman Set to Return to North Korea, WTF?


Dennis Rodman is due to return to North Korea on Tuesday, according to CNN.

The NBA Hall of Famer was spotted at Beijing International Airport in China and is expected to travel from there to Pyongyang to meet with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, two officials told the network.

Rodman’s visit comes at a time of heightened tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, which is currently detaining four Americans.

The former basketball star, who was a contestant on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” reality show in 2009, last visited the secretive country in 2014 for the Supreme Leader’s birthday and took part in an exhibition basketball game as a present for the ‘ball fan.

This will mark Rodman’s fifth trip, but he is not going in not there in any official capacity and the State Department unaware of his visit, a senior U.S. official told CNN.Rodman has been heavily criticized in the past for ignoring North Korea’s atrocious human rights record and not assisting in the release of American Kenneth Bae, who spent 735 days in North Korean custody before being released in 2014.

Needless to say, news of his latest trip to North Korea sparked an instant reaction on social media.

Source: THE WRAP