Cristiano Ronaldo Cradles Newborn Twins In His Arms!!!


How cute is Cristiano Ronaldo posing with these adorable newborn twins? Could these be the babies he’s speculated of having with a surrogate? After all, the soccer star revealed that the precious infants are the ‘new loves of his life!’ Aw!


Cristiano Ronaldo, 32, introduced the new “loves” of his life to the world on June 28 with a beyond the precious Instagram post. In the pic, the athlete poses in a chair holding two babies – one in each hand. One baby sports a pink dress while the other is in blue. How cute is that? While it’s not clear whether the adorable bundles of joy are his, according to, they are in fact his newborn son and daughter. The soccer superstar reportedly used a surrogate to have the kids, and they were born earlier this month.

“So happy to be able to hold the two new loves of my life,” Cristiano captioned the super sweet photo. The babies are named Eva and Mateo, according to reports out of Portugal, however, the alleged new father hasn’t confirmed one way or the other yet. The soccer stud already has one son, 7-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, is reportedly pregnant with his child as well.